Yin Yoga Ausbildung

Yin Yoga Ausbildung

60h Chinese Medicine, Meridian Nidra, & Hip Anatomy 1

• Yin Fundamentals; Theory and Practice
• Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine (TCM)
• TCM Diagnostic
• Yin Yang Philosophy
• The 3 Treasures and 4 Vital Substances
• TCM Visceral System
• Theory of Qi
• Acupuncture Meridian Theory
• Balancing Qi in the Meridians
• Meridian Pathways & Meridian Clock
• Hand and Foot Meridian Points
• Meridians and the Emotions
• Meridian Nidra
• Guasha Treatment
• Meridian Tracing, Meridian Palpation
• Meridian Tapping, Meridian Massage
• TCM Lifestyle and Diet
• The Five Element Theory
• Anatomy of Yoga (Hip)
• Skeletal Variation (Hip)
• Posture Analysis Lap (Hip)
• Sequencing & Teaching Methodology

This is a Yinspiration training which eligible students to reach the 500h or 1000h Yin
certificate by Yinspiration.

Yin Yoga LehrerBiography

Franziska Gottschlich was selected by her mentor and teacher Jo Phee to start
teaching her Chinese Medicine,Yin Yoga,Hip Anatomy & Myofascial Release, Yin
Yoga, Spine Anatomy curriculum under the Yinspiration school. As a teacher trainer
she will be teaching around the world from 2019 onwards.
Franziska has primarly been the assistant to Jo Phee in her Chinese Medicine
Module and Myofascial Release Module. She graduated from her Yin Yoga Teacher
Training in 2015 in Bali under instruction by Jo Phee and Joe Barnett, whom she
also assisted to in 2017.
Franziska has more than 13 years of yoga practice. Since her graduation she has
taught many public yoga classes in Europe and managed more than 30 retreats.
Her interest in teaching and studying yoga intensifed through her own personal and
decade-long struggle with anxiety and her drive to understand how the body-mind
connection works and how crucial this understanding is to heal.
In addition to this, her growing knowledge about chinese medicine was matched by
her way of living and felt very natural to her; the connection between food, body,
mind, emotions, connective tissues opened her mind to a completely new
perspective, surpassing her anxieties.
To deepen her fascia and functional anatomy knowledge, Franziska is attending her
frst dissection with Jo Phee and Antonio Stecco in 2019 in the world famous
Plastinarium in Guben/Germany. In addition to this she will also attend the very frst
Biotensegrity Practical Symposium in Vancouver about the newest fascial movement
Franziska mainly resides in Berlin/Germany and in Spain on the Canary Islands.